Friday, May 15, 2009

Wolverine Trek Challenge

Haven't blogged in a while. Been a long time coming, so here it is... I just got back from a southern tour where I along with comedians Modi, Esther Ku & Steve Rossi went to promote the movie Stand Up 360. 

Not going to lie it was a fun time in the beginning. Our tour started in Philadelphia early week - we made TV appearances on Good Morning Philadelphia and several XM/Sirius Radio Stations... by the end of the tour we were all a little down because Star Trek & Wolverine was kicking our comedy butts!

So now here comes my challenge, sure no one from either movie is reading this but if they are... I challenge them to a 10 minute face off on stage. Yeay! I would love to see if Spock, Captain Kirk, Wolverine or any other Sci-Fi or Mutant can be funny for 10 minutes straight. Lot tougher when you don't have a script written by someone else... Just saying. 

Don't get me wrong, not saying I didn't go watch these movies or that they aren't talented... but wouldn't you like to see Hugh Jackman on stage trying to be funny? even better if he had the sideburns and claws... 

So throwing down the gauntlet... Let's do this