Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thoughts that don't connect...

Let's start off with the intro shall we... My name is Erik Rivera. I'm a comedian, based in NYC. It is currently 2am on a Wednesday night, technically Thursday morning, I'm supposed to get up at 9am... but in all honesty with each passing minute, I don't see that happening.

So why am I here? Well, because everyone is blogging. Most of my comedian comrades blog. My friends blog. My family members blog. So figure why shouldn't I blog. I usually scribble down notes in my joke pad to talk about and some never materialize into jokes so let's create their outlet here.

The only problem is I suffer from writing A.D.D. I haven't written a paper or essay or paragraph in like 6 years. So I tend to veer off of topic, hence the name of my blog being Scribbled Notes on a piece of paper.

Here are random things I've jotted down:

- I recently went into a Barnes & Nobles in Manhattan over by Madison Square Garden. I like many other Manhattan-ites had to use the restroom. Found it upsetting that

a. I was not allowed to take a book with me into the restroom to keep me company

b. They didn't provide books or magazines in the stalls... at least books on clearance, I believe they are missing a huge marketing chance with the male demographic.

- I understand the whole "americanization" of small businesses/restaurants to reach out to the whole community... but some things have to stay true to themselves. Chinese restaurant's have to have a very asian name "Red Ruby" "Green Lotus" "Dragon Garden" or something grammatically incorrect "Happy Come Wok" "Tiger Crouch Wall".
I was recently in queens and saw "Larry's Chinese Food", Larry's? Who in their right mind would order from there? When it comes to ethnic food, you have to keep it ethnic... no one is going to order from Larry's Chinese Food or Norman's Burritos or Tyrone's Pasta and Bevi!

- Another bathroom issue... I recently had to go to bathroom while shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond, no worries it was #1 not like the Barnes & Nobles incident. And would you believe they didn't have a bathroom. It's Bed, BATH & Beyond and no BATHroom. It's kind of in your name, so you should have a bathroom. At least with your merchandise in it...

So post your opinions if you agree or disagree or just plain think I've wasted your time... Blog soon.


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