Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Making a movie

Stand Up 360 Muy Caliente - Has put together 2 showcases of comedians that they will be filming and broadcasting in movie theaters across the country. And Guess who they have tapped to host these showcases? 

If you said Erik Rivera you are right! It's awesome news and could bring great exposure to myself and all the comedians on the shows.

But... here is the problem. I know you're thinking how could there be a problem? Well there is, they have also notified me that they are going to put together an ad campaign across the cities on buses, telephone poles and posters all over.

You know what that means? Penis drawings!

That's right, I will be donned with hundreds of Sharpie penis drawings all over my face and mouth. I will also don black teeth, mustaches, beards, eye patches... etc. Also I can look forward to the words "GAY" "PENIS" "HOMO" "FAG" "LOSER" "RETARD" "STUPID" "D#CK"... etc. written on my forehead.

Oh the pain that comes with the excitement of it all

I guess I should be happy, but the things that are going to be done to my picture.

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  1. Usually bloggers right more than once a month. You're hilarious so give us more to read!